Scandal-plagued Democrat Senate candidate Teresa Tomlinson was caught spreading a fake headline for a HuffPost story last night, but she’s refusing to take it down, continuing to spread fake news to her followers on social media.

After Tomlinson posted her fake headline on twitter, she was quickly called out by HuffPost’s Washington bureau chief. In response, Tomlinson acknowledged that the headline was false and that it did not appear anywhere in the original story, but refused to take down her fallacious post, merely adding a disclaimer in the comments. Tomlinson also shared her fake headline on instagram, and as of this morning, had not added any disclaimer noting to her followers that the post was not genuine. Ironically, the end result of Tomlinson’s attempt to create fake headlines that were complimentary has been even more embarrassing articles for her struggling candidacy.

Tomlinson’s fake news scandal is just the latest controversy to plague her campaign in recent weeks. She’s also had to deal with staffing controversies after she fired her finance director – who later called Tomlinson “cruel” in her treatment of her. Tomlinson was also recently caught on video making insensitive statements about an African-American pastor who she previously ran against in a mayoral race.

“By refusing to take down her phony headlines, Teresa Tomlinson is deliberately spreading fake news,” said Georgia Action Fund Executive Director John Burke. “This debacle shows voters how little they can trust Tomlinson and represents a major blow to her campaign’s already shaky credibility.”