Georgia’s Democrat Senate candidates continue to race to the left on healthcare, embracing radical Medicare-for-all proposals that would eliminate private health insurance and raise taxes on working families.

Yesterday, Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry, who has been running on an unapologetically far-left agenda, praised self-described socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ radical Medicare-for-all plan. By Sanders’ own admission, this plan would lead to the elimination of private health insurance for countless American families and force higher taxes on the middle class:

But Terry isn’t the only candidate in this race who has welcomed the idea of Medicare-for-all. Teresa Tomlinson stated in an April interview that she thinks “we can get there” when it comes to imposing Medicare-for-all. Vice News also described Jon Ossoff as having cribbed his agenda “straight from the playbook of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders” raising questions as to whether he would follow suit.

Democrats running for Senate in Georgia are making it clear that they are in lock step with radical socialists like Bernie Sanders who are setting the agenda for their party on a national level. None of them can be trusted to stand up for Georgia families in the United States Senate.