Unable to get the headlines she wants for her struggling campaign, Democrat Senate candidate Teresa Tomlinson has resorted to writing her own and trying to pass them off as the actual ones from mainstream publications.

Tomlinson attempted to highlight an interview she did with HuffPost on twitter but decided to use a fake headline and tried to pass it off as genuine. Tomlinson also highlighted a quote that wasn’t in the story and omitted any link to the article. Within hours, HuffPost Washington bureau chief Amanda Terkel called out Tomlinson:

Greg Bluestein from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted that this isn’t the first time Tomlinson’s campaign has distorted a news headline, pointing to an AJC story where they did the same thing several months ago. One can understand why Tomlinson would want to make up her own headlines. For months her campaign has been plagued by reports of poor fundraising, staffing controversies, and insensitive statements caught on video.

“Teresa Tomlinson’s campaign is so desperate for good headlines from the media, they’ve resorted writing fake ones and trying to pass them off as genuine,” said Georgia Action Fund Executive Director John Burke. “Just when we thought her candidacy couldn’t be struggling any more, this latest unforced error further shows she’s not ready for prime time.”