Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Ted Terry’s ties to Cenk Uygur – a controversial talk show host running for Congress in California – raise new questions about his judgment.

Uygur just earned the endorsement of socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who Terry has endorsed, but The Los Angeles Times reports that his alarming history of sexist and insulting comments has received significant criticism. The Times describes Uygur as a candidate with a “long history of making crude and degrading comments about women and provocative statements about Jews, Muslims and other groups.”

This morning, Georgia Democrat State Senator Jen Jordan, who is reportedly considering a bid for U.S. Senate, tweeted her apparent disbelief at the news of Uygur’s candidacy. The timing of Jordan’s tweet is curious given her silence during Uygur’s campaign appearance in Atlanta alongside Terry. Despite being made aware of Uygur’s past offensive comments, Terry decided to campaign with him anyway, appearing to have no issue with Uygur’s glaring issues. Terry has also appeared on Uygur’s program and made it clear that he stands by his politics.

“Ted Terry’s ties to a far-left politician with an alarming history of making offensive comments against women, religious minorities, and others shows a profound lack of judgment,” said Georgia Action Fund Executive Director John Burke. “Terry’s eagerness to campaign alongside Cenk Uygur sends a message that he has no issue with Uygur’s conduct and proves that he can’t be trusted to represent Georgia’s diverse communities in the Senate.”